Monday, 30 November 2015

“#YOLO- You Only Live Once”

The phrase and acronym got swayed into the youth world & created a mass epiphany. Yolo (You Only Live Once) was used in youth culture & music, and was popularized by the 2011 song “The Motto” by Canadian rapper Drake.  As the quote of Mae West says, “You only live once, but if you do It right, once is enough”  we are the people with choices and we own our ship, so why not sail it yourself and do whatever you wish to. The so called youths of the media dominated era soon joined the bandwagons of the enchanted followers by accepting the slogan as their magic spell. This was the chance for the budding youths to grow and show the insane world what rationalism is and how it is defined in their terms. It soon became a predicament for the matured beings as the rational side of the teens gripped an alarming change in behavior.

 The #Yolo again can’t be lashed upon for all the decisions taken by the teenagers from committing mistakes, trying to pull up weird crazy pranks, being reckless and at the end coming up with excuses that life is too short to waste the opportunities. According to them the phrase indicates that our lives have become fragmented are we are riding our lives on the usual monotonous and mechanical paths. They have their own justifications to provide you with a story of their newly found revolution by this phrase “You Only Live Once (#Yolo)” and how they can cherish the present moment and live in present by their change in the system attitude. Twitter overflowed with “#YOLO” as an inspirational axiom, suggesting the lapse of judgment in a sober society. Well Teenage is the time of our lives, we can’t miss the chances of being imprudent, so like the top 10 songs in the chart, the fad is likely to get old and move on. So why not embrace it for some time and get wild. 

Sunday, 12 July 2015


The unstable mind is reaching out to the Fars,
Upon the night sky to fulfill the world of desires
The subtle me searching for my existence,
Beyond the imagination to unleash the child in me,
Asking myself where else to fly,
Because I wanna be a dreamer

The longing desire to triumph my inutility,
Just like conquering the realms of memory of the past
The urgency to unravel the mysteries of life,
Dreams are the key to real glories
Asking myself why to fly,
Because I wanna be a dreamer

The touchstones of my life looking for bliss,
By mysteriously vanishing from the monotonous life
The hocus pocus reality which conceals the truth,
It’s high time to lose our chains
Asking myself when to fly,
Because I wanna be a dreamer


Transformation is a very interesting word from the organization point of view. Organization transformation journey can be filled with lot of potholes or roses but it can sometimes lead to anxiety, anger, confusion, withdrawal among the employees. Learning and development can be leveraged to influence talent and business decisions during   the transformation journey to a greater extent.
In Today’s VUCA world where each company has its own culture and values is searching for talents which can set the proper behaviors and attitudes in order to set these things right for an organization. The learning and development teams of each organization try very hard to come up with a training module or some principles which can lead the employees to the high perform tic environment where team members give faster, effective, efficient and productive performances which can help the company to strategize its policies to succeed in the future. But instead L & D teams get stuck finding the solutions and come up with a less effective plan. Thus why can’t the companies go for those training modules or learning modules which are already available either by Stanford University E-learning programs which also has high quality interactive multimedia learning modules. The other options which can be of greater values are like Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) which has amazing mix of traditional course materials to interactive user forums which can be of great learning and it promotes the reuse and remixing of resources through a very well organized package which can be of a great help for the employees to upgrade their skills and knowledge.

L&D plays a major role in building the sustainable culture and values of an organization. It can help in attaining the solid measurable performance gains by motivating the employees and bring the sense of leadership in each and every one. Learning and training should not be constrained to one the talented one’s but to all the employees as it can make an impact. If in an organization where only the talented lot is selected and trained whereas in another organization where every employee is trained and time to time are upgraded with their skill sets. It’s very evident that the second organization will have a greater impact on the company’s development and success.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

“I wish to get spooked off Somehow”

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! The sky is falling!
The tiring and rigorous life is beating me up every time I challenge it.
These days the sudden urges of getting spooked off from this monotonous life is taking a toll on me. Has the meaning of my desire and destiny changed? I am being skeptical about my life.
Probably that was my inner self talking or the so called “scared me” brought those thoughts to my mind maybe to caution me or scare me.
But the intense feeling to get rid of the sky which is falling on me has made it pretty obvious that I need a break.
Time is the mother here who is restricting me to take a flight like a phoenix discovering the unexplored me.
Knowledge is not just in the carved leaves bundled together but also in the togetherness of the heavenly life forms which are still to traverse.
Still waits for the time when I will be all rugged with my other friends and leave on a blind expedition to a very distant place.
Then I would like to wander over the falling sky and go far away to unravel the mysteries of the world.
“Dreams are not stationary,
Hold them tight,
If the dreams die off,
Life would be like a miserable,
Broken winged bird”.

So let’s live and get spooked off at times to explore the wilderness in us.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

i am blissed.......

Under the moonlight,
You were so bright...
I said please,
You gave me a cheese...

I jumped into your deep eyes,
You bumped me with your shapely thighs...
I expected bliss, 
You poured me with kiss...

I thought you to be my drugs,
You loaded me with all the hugs...

Some admire the beauties,
Some wish to be with them,
Some dream about them,
Some has fantasy about them,
But there are some lucky ones

Like me who posses them


From dusk to dawn

The clock never stopped for a second...
But it seemed that the time,
Was a bit sad to carry on

Slowly the glittering stars shine was invaded by the new sun rays,
But d mind and soul still were there,
Giving company to the heart...

The beautiful firefly's formations were soon overshadowed by colorful butterflies,
But the songs never stopped
Playing the rhythm of
Being lonely without u...

The quite smooth sleepy
Night was taking a toll when the
Early morning chants and stereo took over,
But still d dance of fire inside was waiting to get united with the sleeping angel...

The pen stood there writing
Every possible heart out till it stopped,
But d dreams said no worries
Don’t wry let me take from here on...


In the foggy climate full of mist,

A ray of hope came with the entry of you...

The ode of the west was flowing with dry leaves,

Whereas with your arrival d flowers started showering...

The cruel thunder started making noise and flowing,

But your presence welcomed d new sunshine...

your presence can make so much of difference……